Dealer Car Search CEO Rick Wilson is extremely excited about his company’s new product appropriately named “Vehicle Stocking Solutions” or VSS for short.

According to Wilson, the goal of every car dealer should be to buy only the fastest selling most profitable cars and avoid the slow selling less profitable cars. Unfortunately, when you are in the auction lane buying cars it is hard to predict which are the fast selling profitable cars and which are the slow selling non-profitable cars, and there is the conundrum.

First, we must ask ourselves why do we raise our hands at auction and buy the cars we buy. Do you buy cars out of emotion or because we think we do well with a particular model, because it has low miles, because it is extra clean, because you are getting such a great deal, or because it has clean Vehicle History Report. Face facts, just because you think you got a great deal on an extra clean, low mileage car with a clean vehicle history report does not mean it will sell fast for a nice profit. Only VSS can tell you if you made a wise purchase or not.

While there are numerous companies out there that produce vehicle history reports, provide wholesale values, and even tell you how to price your cars, VSS tells you exactly which cars your dealership sells the fastest for the most profit. Dealers no longer need to take a chance, gamble, or guess when buying cars. VSS presents your historical deal data in a user friendly format so that you can actually see how well you have done in the past on specific models.

Here is an example of how it works, first you launch the Dealer Car Search App from your iPhone or Droid and view the Inventory Performance Reports. These reports quickly give you data related to vehicle body types and models that sell the fastest for the most profit at your specific dealership. For example, if a Nissan Altima is coming down the lane and you think it is a must have, look at your Inventory Performance Reports first to determine your dealerships historical track record with Nissan Altima’s. If it takes you 100 days to sell a Nissan Altima and you only make $900 on average don’t buy it. So, the idea is to stay away from that model even if you can steal it. To the contrary, a Nissan Titan comes down the lane and your Inventory Performance Reports tell you that on average you make $2250 in 45 days that truck would more than likely be a winner and you might even pay a little more for such a proven performer.

Next, we provide you with links inside the performance reports to vehicles in our Wholesale Community that your dealership historically sells the fastest for the most profit. So, not only are we telling you which models you sell the fastest for the most profit we are taking it a step further and providing you with a legitimate wholesale source for you to acquire more of the same vehicles.

In conclusion, the Dealer Car Search Vehicle Stocking Solutions take the guess work out of stocking your lot with inventory and guides you towards making better buying decisions so that you can turn as much inventory as possible for maximum profit.

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